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BODY & SOUL exhibition

03 to 14 October 2018 @ Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

My camera is drawn to moods, energy and emotions expressed in various ways. That is why it also turned to dance. I always loved dance. Dance to me, expresses all of those sentiments through powerful artistic disciplines. There is the passionate and masterful control of the body, the unique and meaningful choreography, music composed to wrap and lift the body and stage, lighting that sweeps the body and stage into mystery and depth. It is a culmination of moods, sensitivity and creativity. Every dancer, I have ever met carries these traits. To me dance and the people that live dance, carry a fascination that I could not resist and had to follow with my camera. I owe that to Black Grace. Their ‘New Works 2005’ performance in the Studio, Maidment Theatre blew me away. I had never seen such explosive yet gentle and emotional dance performance. It sparked a fascination and love with NZ dance that let me embark on a wonderful three years project starting in 2008. My passion and interest opened the doors to leading dance companies in the country, behind the scenes and live. The result was an even greater love, knowledge and respect for our very specific expression of dance in Aotearoa and many new friendships.

In the period from 2010 to 2013, my precious journey with NZ dance resulted in five exhibitions. 'Close-up Te Waka Huia’, a behind-the-scenes portrayal of Aotearoa’s most successful kapa haka team was exhibited in three galleries in the Auckland region.

One particular photograph of Royal New Zealand Ballet won an international photography award in the US and was showcased with images of other international photographers in a group exhibition called ‘Spaces’ in Los Angeles.

BODY & SOUL was first exhibited in 2011 as part of the Auckland photography festival. BODY & SOUL is special as it, particularly now looking back, showcases NZ dance companies and dancers that kept growing and influencing NZ dance for years to come. It carries images of different styles and stories and offers a retrospective insight and overview of our world of dance. For this exhibition, I chose images that carry another emotion that is vulnerability. A sentiment that in my opinion is vital for change and growth. We all have seen the perfect image of dance – Body & Soul celebrates the moments of vulnerability and intimacy that lead to perfection.

My gratitude to all dancers and dance companies featured, to TEMPO dance festival for shining light on this work again and Q Theatre for embracing the story.

Kathrin Simon, September 2018

Sarah Gavina Campus in ‘Wolf’ choreographed by Sarah Gavina Campus


"The body is a small boat in the face of music. In this exhibition Kathrin resists the images of a storm at sea – exploring instead the pit of the wave, where muscles and music draw breath."

Glenn Colquhoun (poet)


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