Body & Soul

1 RNZB NZHerald Body & Soul10 DSC 7255 Body & Soul11 DSC 2446 Body & Soul12 DSC 7059 Body & Soul13 DSC 3880 Body & Soul14 DSC 6937 Body & Soul15 DSC 1174FINAL Body & Soul16 DSC 1205 Body & Soul17 DSC 4068 Body & Soul18 DSC 6941 Body & Soul19 DSC 6600 Body & Soul2 OkarekaDance Body & Soul20 DSC 4659c Body & Soul21 DSC 6778 Body & Soul22 DSC 1644 Body & Soul23 DSC 4011 Body & Soul24 DSC 7051 Body & Soul3 DSC 6399 Body & Soul4 DSC 4012 Body & Soul5 DSC 4615 Body & Soul6 DSC 1260 Body & Soul7 DSC 0951 Body & Soul8 AlexLeonhartsberger Body & Soul9 DSC 2335 Body & Soul9 DSC 7189 Body & Soul

All photographs were captured between 2009 and 2011. They were showcased in Kathrin’s solo exhibition Body & Soul in June 2011 in conjunction with the Auckland Festival of Photography. Three of these photographs were awarded honorable mention in the International Photography Awards Competition 2011 (IPA) in Los Angeles. The first image of Royal New Zealand Ballet dancers Medhi Angot and Qi Huang was exhibited in Los Angeles from 30 March – 3 May 13 as one of 25 winning work from the 2012 International Photography Awards’ annual single-image, themed competition, One Shot.

‘The body is a small boat in the face of music. Over the last three years Kathrin has photographed New Zealand’s leading dance companies including Black Grace and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. In this exhibition she resists the images of a storm at sea – exploring instead the pit of the wave, where muscle and music draw breath’ – Glenn Colquhoun

‘ …Kathrin has a lovely sensitivity, a sense of drama and a great eye for framing the action…’ – Mary Jane O’Reilly

From 2008 to 2011, Kathrin was the official photographer for the tempoº Dance Festival and regularly captures dress rehearsals for several NZ dance companies.