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Arli Liberman’s solo project

Last Thursday, on the first night of the Titirangi Festival of Music, I shot photos for Arli and his new band ‘Arli Liberman’s solo project’! I met Arli through my friend and beautiful musician Whirimako Black. Whiri and Arli giged together many times and seeing those two together on stage is always a great joy. Now, Arli also ventures out with his own new band and music. Arli is great – full of energy and passion for his music… and bloody talented! And so are the others in the band! Fantastic musician grouped together: Karika Turua (bass),  Callum Passells (Sax), Stephen Thomas (drums), Mardo El-Noor (keyboard) and Arli (well, guitar!). It was awesome to meet them all, to be there for the first ever concert and to photograph it. Even though, I tend to disappear into my own world without noticing much around me when I shoot I could very much feel (and yes hear!) the response and energy of the event. It was brilliant. Really. The crowds loved it and the guys had so much fun together – played as if they did it many times before. Very VERY cool and a fascinating new sound!! No vocals…all instrumental…all Arli’s own compositions combining the world of rock, funk, jazz and the middle East. Are you happy with that description, Arli!?

Totally looking forward to hearing them again some time soon – I am absolutely certain that will happen. This was only the beginning.  Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!! Watch out for Arli Liberman’s solo project…

P.S: Not responsible for the lighting design…has to be said, sorry. Click on the photos for a larger view.

c1 DSC 9980 Arli Libermans solo projectc16 DSC 0155 Arli Libermans solo projectc34 DSC 0054 Arli Libermans solo projectc67 DSC 0207 Arli Libermans solo projectDSC 0125a Arli Libermans solo projectDSC 9971 Arli Libermans solo project

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