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The Latin Soul Jennifer Zea…music album photo shoot

DSC 4614 The Latin Soul Jennifer Zea...music album photo shoot

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Jennifer Zea – The Latin Soul album release show this Thursday…

My beautiful and very talented friend Jennifer Zea is launching her new album this Thursday, 24th May. I am very excited for her and real proud of her too. So many hours, passion and love went into this piece of art and the outcome is such a joy to listen to. A real stunner. It was a great experience and fun for me being involved – as a friend and photographer. I spent time with Jennifer and her fantastic musicians documenting the recording in the studio and also shot all marketing/publicity photos for the album.

For the publicity we spent one gorgeous sunny afternoon at Mondial bar in Grey Lynn…playing around with moods, light, instruments, dresses and different photographing techniques. Oh boy, it was such an awesome session and a few hours passed in a flash…it is so cool that all those images – the behind the scenes recording photos as well as our Mondial bar shots – have become part of Jennifer’s album. I feel they represent vibrant Jennifer as well as the mood and energy of her voice and her songs nicely. Am real proud and so glad she feels the same. Will post a few more photos of our session in the next couple of days.

And do come to see Jennifer…and Nathan Haines, Miguel Fuentes, Kevin Field etc etc play live on Thursday night. You’ll have a fantastic time. Meet you there!

more info http://thedenizen.co.nz/culture/listen-the-latin-soul/  and  http://jenniferzea.com/

TheLatinSoul Cover 3Kati Jennifer Zea   The Latin Soul album release show this Thursday...

The album cover…shot at Mondial bar in Grey Lynn

c33 release A3 Web Jennifer Zea   The Latin Soul album release show this Thursday...


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Kathrin has been involved in several music projects – from capturing studio recordings, creating album covers to documenting international music collaborations

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