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Rotoroa Island

01 DSC 1477 Rotoroa Island02 DSC 2055 Rotoroa Island03 DSC 1792 Rotoroa Island04 DSC 2091 Rotoroa Island05 DSC 1864 Rotoroa Island06 DSC 1933 Rotoroa Island08 DSC 2013 Rotoroa Island09 DSC 2674 Rotoroa Island10 DSC 3106 Rotoroa Island11 DSC 3144 Rotoroa Island12 DSC 3096 Rotoroa Island13 DSC 3437 Rotoroa Island14 DSC 3832 Rotoroa Island15 DSC 4002 Rotoroa Island16 DSC 4005 Rotoroa Island17 DSC 3172 Rotoroa Island18 DSC 3816 Rotoroa Island19 DSC 4125 Rotoroa Island20 DSC 4294 Rotoroa Island21 DSC 5043 Rotoroa Island22 DSC 1473 Rotoroa Island23 DSC 5021 Rotoroa Island24 DSC 3870 Rotoroa Island25 DSC 3612 Rotoroa Island26 DSC 1956 Rotoroa Island27 DSC 4299 Rotoroa Island28 DSC 3873 Rotoroa Island


After 100 years managed by the Salvation Army as an alcohol rehabilitation centre, Rotoroa Island in the Hauraki Gulf was re-opened to the public thanks to generous philanthropists who leased the island for the next 100 years. From 2006 to 2011 the island has been re-stored as a public arts and heritage estate for all to enjoy.

Kathrin was commissioned to capture several milestones of the activities related to this including the installation of Chris Booth’s sculpture. A peek is presented above. Photographs of these sessions contributed in magazines like URBIS, Architecture Now and Good magazine.


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