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New baby giraffe at Auckland Zoo

I have had the absolute pleasure to photograph the yet-to-be-named baby giraffe at Auckland Zoo when she was only 24 hours old. I was at site on Sunday morning together with a Campbell live TV crew for the first vet check done 24 hours after Rukiya gave birth to this super gorgeous sweetheart!! I am sure you’ll see plenty of pictures of this darling in the days to come but let me share some of the very early impressions of mum Rukiya and baby with you.

Go and check her out as soon as she is allowed out in the Pridelands area…she is adorable! More photos of Day 1 soon…

 New baby giraffe at Auckland Zoo New baby giraffe at Auckland Zoo

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Te Wao Nui

01 DSC 1818 Te Wao Nui02 DSC 8904 Te Wao Nui03 DSC 8890 Te Wao Nui04 DSC 5590 1 Te Wao Nui21 DSC 0189 Te Wao Nui08 DSC 7973 Te Wao Nui08 DSC 7989 Te Wao Nui09 DSC 1894 Te Wao Nui11 DSC 0307 Te Wao Nui13 DSC 1024 Te Wao Nui14 DSC 8883 Te Wao Nui16 DSC 7930 Te Wao Nui18 DSC 8244 Te Wao Nui19 DSC 8240 Te Wao Nui19 DSC 9034a Te Wao Nui05 DSC 9784 Te Wao Nui20 DSC 1089 Te Wao Nui22 DSC 8857 Te Wao Nui23 DSC 9191 Te Wao Nui24 DSC 0921 lighter aviary  Te Wao Nui25 DSC 0155 Te Wao Nui26 DSC 0688 Te Wao Nui27 DSC 8040 Te Wao Nui28 DSC 9287 Te Wao Nui29 DSC 8025 Te Wao Nui30 DSC 7978 Te Wao Nui

Auckland Zoo commissioned Kathrin to document the making of the largest project in the Zoo’s history Te Wao Nui. Kathrin documented the construction site from June 2011 until the opening day on 10th September 2011. Next to documenting the overall progress for archival purposes a main task was to capture enticing images for all publicity leading up to the opening of Te Wao Nui. A small selection of these images are presented in this gallery. They were taken at a very busy construction site over the course of several weeks.


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