PLAY ON by Paul McLaney

Excited Paul McLaney got this absolutely brilliant work recorded, the album was just released this August, congrats!  PLAY ON is a musical imagining of Shakespeare’s great soliloquies. Totally fell in love with it when I saw its first showing @ the pop-up globe in 2016. Such beautiful concept – the musicians are exquisite and the interpretations very moving. Some of them in Te Reo. The beauty of ‘come away death’ is killing me. Following Mara TK’s activities since then too, his voice is hauntingly special. Lean back, close your eyes and tune in….it’s on spotify and you can get the album via loop

So lucky to have had the chance to experience it again last night at the Town Hall. Oozing beauty, soul and sorrow. Thank you Paul McLany and all musicians for this incredible treat.

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