FADE in the Hokianga

For years, my then-partner Glenn Colquhoun shared his knowledge and deep love for Northland with me. To me, someone who wasn’t born in New Zealand, that is a taonga as I was introduced to that part of Aotearo and its people from the inside and the heart. Over the last couple of years, I experienced so many special places, met incredibly unique and beautiful characters and felt welcome wherever I went – I could only also fall in love with it! The many visits left deep marks on me and FADE is a result and expression of my relationship and love for that part of NZ. I wouldn’t be surprised if more stories will come out of it in the future. I have strong emotional connections to Mitimiti and Rawene and couldn’t be happier that FADE will be showcased @ No 1 Parnell gallery in Rawene from 22 December to the 29 January 2017. I have seen the historic house on the prominent corner in Rawene vacant for a couple of years, struggling to find a purpose. Linda Blincko and Lynn Lawton from the Deport Artspace in Devonport transformed the space – it has become a bright generous and central hub that supports and treasures art. It was important to me that FADE started in Auckland to raise awareness for the treasures of the Hokianga amongst ‘city people’ but I always hoped it would also be able to travel home to the heart of the Hokianga to be shared with those that live side by side and look after them. My greatest thanks to Linda and Lynn for the passionate support and making this possible.

Long live the churches of the Hokianga XX



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