German Film Festival Auckland

Last night, I covered the opening night of the German Film festival in Auckland. I had a great time roaming the room to capture beautiful and interesting faces. It was a pleasure meeting the director of the opening night movie ‘Sound of Heimat’ (which translates to Sound of Home) Arne Birkenstock and the main protagonists Hayden Chisholm and Loni Kuisle. If you can – you HAVE to go and watch the movie. Beautifully made and told with wonderful tunes and characters. It’s a documentary about a Kiwi musician (Hayden Chisholm) helping Germans rediscover their musical roots. Really awesome and somewhat moving. Lots of laughter too. I absolutely loved it and since a long time it made me want to go and visit my birth country again. Sometimes I do feel like a little ‘traitor’ as I am so not ‘homesick’  and happy in my other chosen home country. This movie made me see (and hear) my country of birth in a way I haven’t seen it yet. Loved it and think I have to plan a trip! Thank you Arne, Hayden, Loni, Ulli and Bettina!

The festival is on until the 21st September. Hurry! I will definitely go and see some more. For full programme click here

Arne Birkenstock, Loni Kuisle, Hayden Chisholm and Bettina Senff


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