Photographic workshop with aboriginal kids in North West Australia

The first two weeks in July, I spent in a remote area in North West Australia to work with a mainly indigenous Youth Centre during the annual Naidoc festival and school holiday. In many aspects it was a mind-blowing experience that I am so very grateful to have had. I had no idea what will unfold and how things will pan out and got home carrying new strong impressions and faces in my heart. My scope was to engage and hopefully enthuse the kids with the medium of photography. I am a storyteller when it comes to my own photography and I encouraged the kids to do the same…to tell their story, the story of our daily school holiday activities, through images…no selfies allowed 🙂

It was a slowish start for obvious reasons like getting to know me and wanting to engage with a camera that is not part of a mobile phone device! But to my delight, the pace picked up and each day I kept handing out more and more little pink cameras and they ran off to capture their world. At the end of each day, I couldn’t wait to download what they had seen today! I tried to keep them motivated by regularly showing them their and my pictures and creating slideshows to show them the fruits of their work and the power of photography. The second week was fantastic and that’s when the best pictures were captured…some kids only picked up the camera once, others kept coming back several times. And those that had the ‘extra’ interest produced some cool and vibrant images which were showcased in a little exhibition at the end of the school holiday. They did a GREAT job! In the end, twenty-five kids actively participated and 30 photos were exhibited with credit given to all the young artists that had that special eye…!

Incredible experience. What moved me most was the kid’s curious spirit and the gentle connection that started to build up during that short time. Beautiful. It was not easy to leave and I will keep thinking of them all and this experience for a very long time. I hope they will keep telling their story in whichever way they want to. Maybe for one or the other it will be through a lens!

Ok kids. Let’s tell our story with a few photos…through your eyes

and through mine…

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