…a little visual poem….

Have been very quiet – that’s a good sign I think. BUT now I feel like quickly sharing something. Spent 12 days up North in the beautiful Hokianga for a creative project I dreamt of doing for a long time. I went onto this trip without any expectations or idea what will or could happen. OMG…..what happened from Day 1 onwards felt like a blessing. I had the most extraordinary time, met amazing people and places and traveled to remote areas I never thought I’d ever visit. So beautiful and inspiring. My bubble-car was absolutely fearless and took me everywhere….it carries the dust of so many gravel roads and I ain’t gonna wash it!!!!

Working on the footage and lots of thoughts, dreams and ideas are bubbling. Bear with me. Below a photo of the trip which gently shows what I did. To me it is like a little visual poem.  You have to peel back layers, let them breathe and put them together again in a different way to see and hear the meaning. Easy poem tho…

Arohanui 🙂

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