Shine Lady – Spinning Sun Dance Company

In 2012, I took photos of New Zealand contemporary dance company Spinning Sun’s piece ‘Shine Lady’. The piece brings to life images of female divinity, and explores the cycles of human life. Spinning Sun performed this work at the culture festival, Sziget, in Budapest, Hungary late 2012. That festival attracts an audience of 400,000 and was awarded Best European Major Festival in 2012. Their invitation to attend was the result of a performance of Shine Lady at the Australian Performing Arts Market in Adelaide earlier in 2012.

My photos have been used to promote the piece and I noted that Creative New Zealand posted the first photograph below on their website. I always liked this particular one and the others posted here.

c14 DSC 0275blog credit a Shine Lady   Spinning Sun Dance Companyc34 DSC 0883 blog credit Shine Lady   Spinning Sun Dance CompanyDSC 0029 web credit Shine Lady   Spinning Sun Dance Company

Dancers pictured: Liz Kirk, Julie van Renen and Liana Yew


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