The Green Fire Islands Tour 2012…Day 2

…it’s 10.30pm and I think am a little tired…! Did we just arrived 28 hours ago!? Hence not many words other than – it was a great day. Over the course of the day all arrived. Aotearoa and Ireland are here. Just beautiful to see everyone again. Wonderful and important meeting to get to know each other, to reconnect and to acknowledge the past production and embrace the path, joys and challenges ahead. A lovely vibrant energy is in the air. The day finished with a sound check in the dance studio of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre where most rehearsals will take place…let some photos tell the story of day 2…

all photos © Kathrin Simon



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  1. MarieCorcoranTindill 13. July 2012 at 22:55 #

    Great that you are here at last – for me a long awaited tour. I’ll be at the Dublin performance with family and friends and I’m looking forward very much to this amazing linking of my two heart homelands. You are all so welcome. Marie

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