Fred Williams and ‘Living waters’


I know…what about the promise ‘one photo a day’….was away sorry but probably went unnoticed 🙂

ANYWAY, let’s continue. I have to tell you about Fred Williams. The last two days of our trip went to Melbourne and I spent half a day at the National Gallery Victoria…For their 150th anniversary, the NGV presented contemporary indigenous art of the far Western Australian desert. I spent three hours in this exhibition. Fascinating, very moving and stimulating. Really really beautiful.

And then I was lucky to catch an exhibition of Fred Williams’ work called ‘Infinite Horizons’. This exhibition includes Williams’ ‘Pilbara Series’. A series of paintings he did between 1979 and 1981 in the Pilbara Ranges. I absolutely fell in love with those paintings. A little abstract and a fascinating and different way of looking at the Australian desert. Stunning. I learned ‘The Pilbara Series’ was the last major series painted by Williams before his death in 1982. The exhibition is on until July 12, ‘Living Waters’ until the end of the year…should you be in Melbourne – you HAVE to go.

Of course, the photos don’t do the paintings any justice but I want to include them for an idea…


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