Coober Pedy Boot Hill Cemetery


I spent one afternoon in Coober Pedy in the underground churches (as posted earlier) and the main cemetery which is on the fringe of the city. It’s called Boot Hill cemetery and I was somewhat touched by it. It is surrounded by opal mines and wind turbines. An almost surreal look and feel. However, the cemetery felt alive and full of stories. Headstones with names from all over the world…one can see that the rush for opal drew people from all parts of the world. I noted lots of European names…from Germany, Croatia etc etc. Not only names are displayed on the headstones, some tell little stories. Most of them are decorated with dry flower arrangements, some have chairs or benches by them which gives one the impression they are visited regularly. I saw the quirkiest headstones ever. Over time, I will post a few more impressions from my visit to this place – I think it touched me as, even though it is deserted and in the middle of the Australian desert, it felt friendly, alive and somewhat cheerful. If that makes any sense.

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