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a different visual experience….

… on our way down to South Australia we stayed at a campground right by Mt Stuart highway…hardly anyone there – all motel units empty and deserted. Bit of an ugly site nothing more than […]

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an ancient tree clutching the rocks…

…seen high up in Kings Canyon.

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Inside the ‘Garden of Eden’

Yes, I guess I really like working with light and shadow…and the resulting strong contrast images. And that’s how it was…bright and dark at the same time.

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Garden of Eden

…captured on my descent into the ‘Garden of Eden’ off Kings Canyon Rim walk. This walk takes you 270 metres down into the chasm, between the sandstone cliffs into a true oasis. A natural spring […]

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Uluru…Kantju Gorge waterhole

Yep…this photograph and memory just stands out for me. I was lucky to be almost by myself when entering Kantju Gorge. At the end of the gorge one gets to this waterhole…you are surrounded by […]

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a different look on Uluru…

I know this is quite abstract and very different to the photos below…Well, I dragged two cameras around and this shot of Uluru I took with my pinhole camera. It is early in the morning […]

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Inside Uluru…

  From a distance, Uluru looks smooth and featureless. But up close its face is weather-beaten – pitted with holes and gashes, ribs, valleys and caves. To the Anangu people, who own this land, these […]

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…there is so much to see and feel around Uluru, Ayes Rock. It is magic there, really. Uluru base walk is 11 km, you walk right around it – sometimes with quite a distance, sometimes […]

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Kata Tjuta

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Mereenie Loop Road

Fabulous, fabulous Mereenie Loop Road…an extraordinary day!

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I am starting a blog! Oh I?!

Gosh, now I am starting a blog! How about that!? The reason I am doing it is that I have so many photographs I’d like to share but don’t really know when and how. A […]

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